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Scope and Sequence


Our goal at FCS is not only to help students think Biblically and critically about every academic subject but to also understand God’s nature and character and how His Truth should relate to every area of their thinking and choices.  We long to see the next generation prepared to be the salt and light in positions of leadership and influence in society.


In grades K4-6th, we use a combination of ABEKA and Bob Jones University (BJU) Press curriculums. The secondary utilizes curriculums such as ABEKA, BJU Press, Alpha Omega Academy, and other sources. The secondary Bible classes are developed and taught by members of Mission Boulevard Baptist Church and are overseen by its pastoral staff.

Our curriculum combines sound academic standards and educational principles with Biblical truths. FCS does not offer Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), or Gifted and Talented (GT) programs. Our students’ performances on standardized tests confirm that they receive a quality education.

Limited Special Education Services

If a student is attempting to transfer to FCS with any of the following services, the admissions team will evaluate the student’s previous academic plan to determine if FCS is able to accommodate the academic recommendations.

  • Special education programs
  • 504 plans
  • IEP/IAP modifications

Special education services are handled on a case-by-case basis. FCS will attempt to meet the educational needs of a student when our limited abilities allow.

If FCS is unable to accommodate the needs of a student, administration reserves the right to deny enrollment.