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Admissions Process

New Enrollment Procedures


Contact Us

Parents contact the school by email (click here to email) or by calling our office at (479) 442-2565. The Admissions Director or an administrator provides information about the school, its philosophy, and its programs.


Apply Online

The new student application is accessed online. Apply Online


Gather Necessary Documents

Application documents are completed by the parents. These documents, along with certain student records, are submitted to the school. If a child has previously been home-schooled, information regarding the local district of registration and any norm-referenced testing will need to be provided.



Placement testing and/or developmental screening, if deemed appropriate, is scheduled and performed.  A fee for such placement testing or screenings may be required.


Documents are Reviewed

Documentation is reviewed, and, if necessary, additional information and clarification is sought.


Interviewing Process

A meeting with parents is scheduled.  The student is also scheduled to interview if he or she is in 6th-12th grade.


Final Decision

The enrollment decision is made and communicated.


Request for Records

An official request for records is sent to all previous schools (student records must include a birth certificate, immunization records, and a social security card).


Financial Account

The family’s financial account is created and all applicable fees and tuition are paid.

Re-enrollment Procedures

Once a student is admitted to FCS, the student’s enrollment will be renewed each year, unless the parent(s) or the school has communicated otherwise.  Re-registration paperwork, including confirmation of student information and the update of medical and financial forms, will be facilitated with a packet mailed to each family.


Our curriculum is designed for the average student.  Students must demonstrate sufficient academic or developmental preparation to be eligible for enrollment in FCS.  We use developmental surveys, previous school records, and placement tests as appropriate to verify academic preparation.

Limited Special Education Services

If a student is attempting to transfer to FCS with any of the following services, the admissions team will evaluate the student’s previous academic plan to determine if FCS is able to accommodate the academic recommendations.

  • Special education programs
  • 504 plans
  • IEP/IAP modifications

Special education services are handled on a case-by-case basis. FCS will attempt to meet the educational needs of a student when our limited abilities allow. If FCS is unable to accommodate the needs of the student, administration reserves the right to deny enrollment.