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Early Education

Preschool – K3

FCS is no longer offering the K3 program.

Preschool – K4

Young learners will enjoy learning foundational math, phonics, and pre-reading skills with Max.  Interactive, hands-on learning, with an emphasis on fun, happens under the Teaching Tree with the Martin family and their animal friends.  Music, science, language arts, social studies, and handwriting lessons are also interspersed throughout the program.  K4 Bible, Walking God’s Way, illustrates godly character traits through Old Testament and New Testament stories as well as through modern-day application stories.

Kindergarten – K5

Focus on Fives is an engaging, activity-based program which helps students develop skills they will need for first grade.  A balance of variety and repetition helps kindergarten students learn new concepts while reviewing earlier ones.  Lessons include phonics and reading, science, Heritage Studies, literature, and early creative writing.  Children participate in songs, stories, and a variety of discovery learning activities.