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Frequently Asked Questions

Is FCS Accredited?

FCS is accredited by the Arkansas Nonpublic School Accrediting Association (ANSAA), which is recognized by the Arkansas Department of Education. Accreditation status is reviewed on a periodic basis; therefore, FCS maintains processes for continuous self-study and improvement.  

What are the fees and tuition to attend FCS?

Click here to view more information about tuition and fees.  

What is the age requirement for beginning preschool and kindergarten?

Students must be 4 years by August 1st to attend K4 preschool and 5 years by August 1st to attend kindergarten. FCS no longer offers the K3 preschool program. 

Does FCS have a dress code for the students?

To help our students reflect Christian character in their appearance, we do have a dress code. The dress code encourages a sense of appropriate dress in public. Click here to view the guidelines for FCS dress code.  

What curriculum does FCS use in the classroom?

FCS utilizes ABEKA and Bob Jones University Press Christian curriculums.  Our curriculums are designed to challenge and meet the academic needs of the average student. 

Does FCS offer special education services?

If a student is attempting to transfer to FCS with any of the following services, the admissions team will evaluate the student’s previous academic plan to determine if FCS is able to accommodate the academic recommendations.

  • Special education programs
  • 504 plans
  • IEP/IAP modifications

Special education services are handled on a case-by-case basis. FCS will attempt to meet the educational needs of a student when our limited abilities allow.

If FCS is unable to accommodate the needs of a student, administration reserves the right to deny enrollment.

Does FCS have a hot lunch program?

School lunches are available for a nominal fee. Click here to view our lunch menu. FCS is a part of the National School Lunch Program.  Students are also welcome to bring lunches from home.  

Does FCS offer after-school care?

FCS no longer offers preschool extended care. After-school care is offered for kindergarten through sixth grade, 3:30-5:30. Please contact Cristi George at (479) 521-9783 for more information.

Are FCS teachers certified?

All of our teachers hold college degrees as required by accreditation. The average teacher tenure at FCS is twelve years.  

Do other faiths participate in the FCS program?

Because FCS is an educational ministry of the Mission Blvd. Baptist Church, we teach the Bible from the historic Baptist perspective. We use the Authorized King James Version of the Bible as our textbook. FCS has had the privilege to have students of many faiths in our program.  

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