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Debbie Nesbitt

Elementary Vice Principal & Admissions Director

Debbie Nesbitt is the Elementary Vice Principal and Admissions Director at FCS. With a degree in elementary education, twenty-two years of teaching experience, and six years serving in administrative areas at FCS, she brings order, wisdom, and experience to the faculty, staff, and students under her care.

Welcome Letter

As I begin my thirty-ninth year in education, I continue to see each school year as a new experience filled with new possibilities!  As students begin their journey in education from elementary to graduation and beyond, my objectives are to guide them to an understanding of who God is and His truth, strengthen them to make good choices, and build their personal confidence with a solid academic foundation.  

I truly love working with children because of their endless potential. Each day becomes an opportunity to create a path to success. I believe in the potential of each student and realize we are not just preparing them for the next grade, but for the future. I also believe in open communication and a strong home-to-school connection.  It is exciting to think of all we can accomplish working together!

Debbie Nesbitt

Elementary Vice Principal


Debbie Nesbitt’s biggest joys are her husband, her children, grandchildren, and her students. But her greatest joy comes from her relationship with Jesus Christ. Saved as a child, she was challenged to serve God fully when she and her husband, Chuck, came to Fayetteville for schooling. The Lord brought them to Mission Boulevard Baptist Church (MBBC); and in 1979, He asked her to teach in the newly-formed Christian school sponsored by MBBC.

With a degree in elementary education from Great Plains Baptist University, Mrs. Nesbitt captured the hearts and imaginations of her young students for twenty-two years. The Lord then changed her duties and asked her to be the school’s elementary office secretary. For nine years she provided order, comfort, counsel, and hope in that office, fully vested with God’s grace, and sharing it with all. 

Currently Mrs. Nesbitt serves as the elementary vice principal, a position she has held for the last six years. Her wisdom and experience as a teacher make her the perfect mentor for the elementary teaching staff. She embodies the patience, kindness, gentleness, and love needed by both teachers and students at FCS. We are thankful she surrendered her heart and ambitions to the Lord and this ministry. 


  • ME, Religious Education, Great Plains Baptist Divinity School, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
  • BA, Education, Great Plains Baptist Divinity School, Sioux Falls, South Dakota


  • 2013-Present: Elementary Vice Principal
  • 2002-Present: Registrar
  • 2002-2013: Office Manager
  • 1989-2001: Elementary teacher at FCS
  • 1979-1989: Preschool teacher at FCS