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Eric Whittaker, MSE


Eric Whittaker joined the FCS team in 2014. His educational background, career, and his desire to follow the Lord bring vision and commitment to our school.

Welcome Letter

Welcome to our website.  I am thrilled that you are interested in Fayetteville Christian School.  As a parent myself, I know you want the best for your children. Here at FCS we are committed to bringing students a Biblically centered education that provides the academic groundwork needed to live a life for Christ. 

When considering our role as parents, the Bible clearly says that the primary responsibility of teaching, educating, and training our children falls upon us.  In today’s fast pace culture of demands, challenges, and vast commitments, most Christian parents find themselves overwhelmed with fulfilling this role.  Many parents are left with only a few precious hours of time with their children each evening.  So, how are we to truly teach our children to “love the Lord” as described in the sixth chapter of Deuteronomy?     

Fayetteville Christian School exists to help you, as a Christian parent, to fulfill this role, teaching your children “diligently” in His ways.  Together we can show our children how to “love the Lord thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might” (Deut. 6:5).  FCS provides a solid academic foundation for students that is saturated with God’s love and His perspective of this world.  Students not only learn the core subjects taught in our classes, they also learn how to use this knowledge for God’s Kingdom.  FCS unashamedly promotes and exemplifies the Biblical worldview throughout our classes and curriculum with loving examples shown by our staff members in addition to close partnerships with families like you. 

A typical American child spends about half of their waking day in a classroom.  Unfortunately, many students are taught academics completely void of God’s perspective.  This form of secularism, by default, teaches individuals that it’s okay to worship within their churches, but one’s everyday life should be free of religious conviction.  At Fayetteville Christian School we desire to show students that God is indeed welcome in all areas of life.  He can be included in science, math, literature, and history.  In fact, we can use these subjects to bring Him glory.  This Biblical approach to education allows our students to actually see that God desires to be the Lord of our lives, rather than simply a weekly guest in our churches.

Allow us to partner with you in “diligently” training up our children in God’s ways. 

Eric Whittaker, M.S.E.



Eric Whittaker truly has a heart to share Jesus Christ with everyone he encounters.  His ministry begins at home, leading and loving his wife and two children, and continues in many areas of committed service and leadership.  It was at John Brown University that he surrendered to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and began influencing others for God’s Kingdom.  His degree in Children and Family Ministry has aided him to help people in multiple ways: being an advocate for at-risk teenagers, youth minister, family ministry leader, Sunday school teacher, public school teacher, and Christian school educator and principal.  It is apparent that Mr. Whittaker truly seeks to serve and minister to people wherever they are in life’s journey.

After experiencing the joys of teaching and earning multiple awards and accolades for his time within the classroom, Mr. Whittaker completed his Master of Science in Educational Leadership through Arkansas State University.  It was then that the Lord directed him specifically to Fayetteville Christian School.  Mr. Whittaker is more than just a principal.  He takes pleasure in teaching Jr. High science classes, leading chapels, and facilitating student leadership groups, all the while pointing students to Jesus Christ.  Mr. Whittaker is wholeheartedly vested in the academic and spiritual well-being of FCS.  He brings commitment and vision to our school while seeking to add exciting new learning opportunities for our students.  We are grateful for the qualities he brings to Fayetteville Christian School in finding ways to empower students and engage them in their growth and development. 

Currently Mr. Whittaker serves as school principal, a position he has held since 2014.  His heart to impact others for Christ has been seen throughout his career in education and can be seen in his daily interactions with students, staff, and families.  He shows great faithfulness, vision, and consistency in his service to the FCS community.


  • MSE, Educational Leadership, Arkansas State University, Jonesboro, AR
  • TESOL, ESL Endorsement, John Brown University, Siloam Springs, AR
  • BS, Children and Family Ministries, John Brown University, Siloam Springs, AR


  • 2014 - Present: Principal of Fayetteville Christian School
  • 2008-2014: Middle School Teacher, Bentonville, AR
  • 2012-2013: Ardis Ann Middle School Teacher of the Year, Bentonville, AR
  • Served on a building level school improvement committee at Ardis Ann Middle School, Bentonville, AR
  • Developed multiple enrichment programs to further student learning
  • Served within multiple mentor programs for at-risk teens